About Us




Hi!  We’re Magin and Melissa and we have been living in Las Vegas for over 10 years.  We’ve seen first hand over the years what a transient town Vegas can be.  We kept hearing friends complaining about all the pains and costs of moving.   After some thought and realization we decided to create Boxxy Rentals, reusable, eco-friendly, cost-effective box rentals.   We understood all too well the inconvenience of having to run around town to try and find moving boxes to purchase, not buying enough and having to go out again or buying too many and being stuck with the extra boxes.

With Boxxy Rentals we created a company that helps reduce waste and saves everyone money!  Boxxy Rentals are a fraction of the cost you’d spend on moving boxes and packaging supplies plus we deliver them right to your door and pick them up when you’re finished!